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J.O.Y – Singles’ Fellowship

Grace Bible Church Singles Fellowship (J.O.Y) – is driven by relevance and fueled by creativity. Our passion is to connect you with other singles from across the Grace Bible Church and the broader Christian fraternity, while leading you to live out biblically accurate truths that will help you develop a vibrant personal relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

Objective: For you to Experience Abundant Life as a Single Person
* Realizing your wholeness as a Christian
* Reaching your maturity
* Finding your genuine fulfillment
* Getting ahead in your life, that is progressing even if you have no partner
* Using your talents to maximum impact
* Experiencing genuine contentment in your single hood

Acronym – J.O.Y
J – Jesus
O – Overcoming through
Y – You

This fellowship is intended and not limited to people that meet the following criterion:
* Single (Unmarried) Young-Adults
* More matured Single People
* Single Parents

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