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…Unlimited – Youth Ministry

Whatever you want… it is Unlimited. As a young person, if it is God, acceptance or finance you seek – it is all unlimited in the youth ministry. In an age where young people are cynical about God, we in the youth ministry have got our work cut out. But we are unfazed by the challenges of our generation. With God on our side, we can meet these head on.

Our vision is to get young people saved and instill in them purpose through a dynamic approach. In line with Grace Bible Church’s number one mandate – to get people to know Christ – we in the youth ministry want to get the gospel to as many young people as possible. This we do by presenting the gospel through creative, broad programs and activities in a dynamic approach. This dynamism requires that we stay alert that we do not create a Christian subculture that will isolate us from the world around us. That is not what Jesus intended. In His prayer for us, He said: “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one” (John 17:15).

Isolation was certainly not His agenda and neither is it ours. Therefore, our youth ministry is not about being content and living inside a Christian bubble listening to our favorite worship music or Christian artist on our iPods. Our dynamic approach is informed by Jesus’ approach. He spent time with those who were not religious. We are not numb to the needs of the youth who have not yet experienced the saving grace of Jesus.

… Unlimited has got five focus areas: Leadership Development, Programming, Salvation, Serving and Growth.

– Leadership development is directed at the executive committee, youth leaders at our branch churches and those who head specific portfolios such as arts, aesthetics, marketing and all youth-related portfolios.

– On programming, we concentrate on the spiritual, social, academic and family lives of our youth. Through these programs, our intention is to develop well-rounded youth who can participate meaningfully both in church and in society in general.

– The salvation area focuses on evangelism/outreach and encouraging young people to respond to the altar call.


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