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Missions and Outreach

This is the wing that implements the evangelism and outreach drives of the church in line with the Great Commission, which is Christ’s mandate for the Body of Christ. They mobilize the entire church to participate in proclaiming the gospel to all nations, and also facilitate the training of believers to be properly equipped and effective witnesses of Christ.

These are some of the missions and outreach initiatives aimed at turning irreligious people into fully devoted followers of Christ:

Person-to-Person Witnessing Workshops

Street Ministry

Mass Evangelism (Gospel Outreaches and Good Friday Celebration)

Institution Outreach Programs:

School Ministry

– Tertiary Ministry

Prison Ministry

Marketplace or Workplace Ministry

Hospital Ministry

Hospice and Homes Ministry

Church Planting

We are currently on a mission to plant more churches and thus help to populate the planet with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Special Outreach Events

Our intention as a church is to go where the irreligious people are and to share the good news of the gospel with them. We go to all areas of society, towns, townships, suburbs, rural areas and even informal settlements.

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