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Presiding Bishop Mosa Sono was born and raised in Rockville, Soweto. He grew up aspiring to become a teacher, but God called him to be a pastor at a young age. Bishop Mosa answered the call and went on went to lead prayer groups at school and the sharing of God’s word amongst his peers.

Bishop Mosa went on to attend Rhema Bible School and got an opportunity to work at Rhema Bible Church, where he formed a great bond with the former Senior Pastor, Pastor Ray McCauley. Under Pastor Ray’s teaching and guidance, Bishop Mosa founded Grace Bible Church in September of 1983. As the Presiding Bishop of Grace Bible Church, Bishop Mosa has devoted himself and the church to turn irreligious people into fully devoted followers of Christ. The mandate for Bishop Mosa is to have a local church at your doorstep that preaches the gospel to all and win people to Christ, and is an extension of God’s love in ministering to the pain and hurt in the communities. According to Bishop, “The church is the hope of the world. “

Through his calling of building prevailing churches, Grace Bible Church has gone on to grow to more than 70 branches and has established dynamic programs that cater to children, young adults, couples, men and women, as well as single adults. The church also has gospel outreaches that extend to and serve societal needs. Bishop Mosa avails himself to assist in initiatives that will bring justice and reconciliation, and also trains leaders in his capacity as a mentor and leader. In his national and global church leadership missions, he is the President of Prevailing Church Network - which is an association through which he is able to invest in the lives of other church leaders; a board member of Church Growth International (Korea) - which was chaired by the late Dr Paul Yonggi Cho; a board member of the Healing Jesus Crusade chaired by Bishop Dag Heward- Mills; an executive member of the Federation of Charismatic and Pentecostal churches (IFCC); a member of the South African Council of Churches National Council of the Leaders forum; a board member of the Soweto Ministers Fraternal; and a member of the Multi-Sectoral Advisory Committee on social behaviour regarding COVID-19 that gives advice to the South African government. Bishop Mosa has been married to Overseer Gege Sono for 34 years and they have two sons, Nkateko and Nhlamulo Sono. The couple believe in keeping God at the center and value family.


Overseer Gege Sono accepted Christ at 17 years old and has been following Him since. Being from Rockville in Soweto, she was an active member at the local Rea Leka Youth Club which taught her the discipline and value of prayer.

After high school, she decided to further her studies at the University of Bophutatswana, where she obtained a degree in Public Administration. Pastor Gege got employed under the Bophutatswana government as an internal auditor after varsity. While working in corporate, she met Bishop Mosa Sono. After tying the knot, she decided to withdraw from her occupation and give herself fully to the work of God under the leadership of her husband. Pastor Gege is a humble individual who always seeks to lend a helping hand to those in need, and her background in Public Administration has equipped her to work with people in achieving that. Her leadership is stern and is guided by Kingdom principles. During her continuing journey of being at Grace Bible Church, Pastor Gege has spearheaded many community building initiatives. One of the notable initiatives was the Soup Kitchen, which she ran with a collective of women from the church. This Soup Kitchen would provide meals to community members who did not have the means to provide meals for themselves. Those who know her personally know her to be a fun-loving individual who values time with family. Her mission is to stand in the gap for those that she loves but most importantly, for the children of God’s Kingdom. All these attributes are made evident in the way she prays and leads.