Our Vision


Our Vision is to turn irreligious people into fully devoted followers of Christ. Our Mission is expressed in the following activities: • DISCIPLESHIP • RESTORATION • EVANGELISM • ARTICULATION • MISSIONS • SOCIAL RELEVANCE We believe that through this, we are fulfilling God’s purpose as a local church and we strive to be relevant to our generation while remaining scripturally pure.

Church History

The beginning of Grace Bible Church


Grace Bible Church had its beginning in the early 1980's, after the former church was handed over to Bishop Mosa Sono in 1983. Early 1982, Rhema North under the leadership of Pastor Ray McCauley, commissioned a young couple Andra’e and Edana Knoetze to start a church in Soweto.

Handing Over and Rough Periods


In mid 1983, Bishop Knoetze sensed a leading to move into field ministry and thus the signing of the church was on the 1st September 1983 and officially handed over to Bishop Mosa Sono on the 4th of September 1983. This became one of the “rough periods” for the church as the Mavis Hall venue agreement was unfortunately terminated and with the church having to relocate, many members were lost; several key leaders left the church also; and due to certain constraints to the use of the Rhema name, the church was instructed not to use the name any longer; and the financial support to the church was also withdrawn

Overcoming challanges and Growth of the Church


In the midst of these challenges, the first service as Isaacson Higher Primary School in Moroka was marked by an evident tangible presence of God. The name Grace Bible Church was adopted in 1984. The church outgrew the facility at Isaacson Higher Primary School and with the help of Mama Seokolo secured the use of the church of the Holy Ghost building, in 1984. This phase of the ministry was characterised by consolidating the church administratively – the ministry of helps was expanded and training began. The first ministry of helps retreat was held on the 10th October 1984. The Financial Board was elected amongst whom were Mr Sono (Snr), Mr Job, Mr Ngakane and others. Kenneth Makopo also joined as an associate Pastor

Continuous Growth


At this stage the prayer activity intensified with prayer meeting on Saturday mornings, and Sunday afternoon service, focusing on prayer. In 1985 the church relocated to Hlengiwe Secondary School, due to rapid numerical growth. Youth meetings were introduced, youth camps, banquets – leaders emerged amongst the young people. A focus on family teachings and activities started growing

This year concluded with a 1st anniversary celebration at Eyethu Cinema

New venues


As the church continued growing, the board of the church had to decide to move to a bigger venue. Jabavu Home Makers Festival Ground became the only alternative venue within the radius in which the church had circulated since its inception. The first service was held on the 1st of June 1986. It is in this same year that Bishop Kenny Makopo left to establish a church in Garankuwa. On the administration side, the church moved its offices from No. 8 Rockville (Mr and Mrs Sono) garage – to Dube shopping complex.

Hard work


In this year we lost two of our youth leaders in an unfortunate and mysterious accident. The church at this stage seemed to be going through some attack – false rumours and some of our people’s lives were being threatened. The move to Home Makers brought with it hard work and a need for resilience and toughness

More growth


From 1986 to date the church continued to go through different seasons, more emerged, this included the marriage of the young Ps Mosa Sono to Ps Gege Sono. The church continued to grow and started learning more about its social responsibility and thus established the Community Outreach Department and Mission Department

Self-financed Facility

28th October 2001 - Present

By Gods grace the church moved into its self-financed facility in Pimville Zone 1 on the 28th October 2001. Grace Bible Church continues to grow and is willing to venture into new territories